Wabi-Sabi Sculptures                                                                                                 Don  Porter

“Wabi-Sabi” is an aesthetic discipline that reveres transience and imperfection. It aspires to rough
authenticity and compelling, elegant beauty. Its emphasis on the ephemeral appeals to me.  

My wabi-sabi mixed media sculptures are temporary.  I manipulate various organic and  inanimate objects, then subject the configurations to translucent and/or opaque baths of pigmented liquids. Before photographing these sculptures, layers of light are introduced. Motion is often initiated. During and after the photography, the sculptures themselves transform, then disintegrate and cease to exist. The photograph is the memory and is all that remains.  Everything is mutable. All is temporary. Nothing exists beyond the moment of now.

I began my artistic endeavors using traditional drawing, painting and sculpting techniques.  As years collect behind me, I am more and more conscious of the fleeting nature of all that exists and of the importance of each moment.  The resulting digitized images of my wabi-sabi sculptures are devotions to these solitary consequences. 

"Odysseus" is one of them.
“Odysseus”     photograph of temporary sculpture - radical wabi-sabi      30”x40”      2/5      Don Porter ©             
   “BEST IN SHOW"  AWARD            Palm Springs Art Museum      Artists Council Exhibition          2018