Don Porter Biography

Born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley of Southern California, I studied the social sciences and received the Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degrees from the University of California at Berkeley. After my counseling and research careers, I returned to UC Berkeley to study fine arts under the tutelage and mentorship of Elmer Bischoff, Robert Hartman, Jerrold Ballaine, Richard  Diebenkorn, Karl Kasten, Michael Bradley and Peter Voulkos.

Subsequently, and following coursework, training and mentoring in architecture I have worked as a licensed Architect and General Building Contractor for the past 44 years - designing, building and remodeling custom homes and restaurants in California and Nevada.  

All the while, I have continued my fine art endeavors and have exhibited my paintings, drawings and sculptures in galleries in California, North Carolina, and New York. 

My most recent work involves sculpting temporary sculptures - manipulating various inanimate objects and subjecting those installations to translucent and/or opaque baths of pigmented liquids, then lighting these ever-changing configurations with multiple layers of light (filtered, reflected and refracted). During and after these processes, photographs are taken as the sculptures transform, dissolve, disintegrate … cease to be what they were. They are ephemeral. ... they are wabi-sabi.

self portrait


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